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U2.Com Gift Subscription: U2com9 New Subscriber Package: 2013/2014: North Side Story

Wondering about a gift for that a special friend and U2 fan? Maybe we have the answer...

The 'U2.com Gift Subscription' enables you to buy someone a year's subscription to U2.com and your friend receives - from you - the limited edition 274-page book 'North Side Story, U2 in Dublin 1978-1983', commissioned from Hot Press in Ireland along with 'North and South of the River' fold-out wall map capturing U2's Dublin story to the present day,'. Following in the tradition of 'From The Ground Up: Music Edition', 'U22', 'U2 Duals', 'Artificial Horizon', and other releases special to U2.com, 'North Side Story' is a limited edition release which will not be on sale in shops or online.

How does it work? When you buy a friend a gift subscription, we email you an electronic gift certificate. When you email this to your friend, they use it to subscribe to U2.com - and get access to all areas on the site. And we send them 'North Side Story, U2 in Dublin 1978-1983'.


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