Def Leppard
On Through the Night CD
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On Through the Night CD Def Leppard released their first studio album, On Through The Night, on March 14, 1980. Tom Allom produced the album. Louis Austin and Dick Plant were the engineers. For their debut album, Def Leppard consisted of vocalist Joe Elliott, drummer Rick Allen (he had both arms on this one!), bassist Rick Savage, and guitarists Steve Clark and Pete Willis. Other backing musicians on the album include guests Dave Cousins and Chris Hughes. Tracklist consists of Rock Brigade, Hello America, Sorrow Is A Woman, It Could Be You, Satellite, When The Walls Came Tumbling Down, Wasted, Rocks Off, It Don't Matter, Answer To The Master, and Overture.

Songs Include:

1. Rock Brigade

2. Hello America

3. Sorrow Is A Woman

4. It Could Be You

5. Satellite

6. When The Walls Came Tumbling Down

7. Wasted

8. Rocks Off

9. It Don't Matter

10. Answer To The Master

11. Overture
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