Def Leppard
Retro Active CD
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Retro Active CD Surprisingly, this is truly a great album. Even though it is regarded as a unreleased/b-sides collection, the material on here is worthy of being called top-notch album quality. If you took all the great songs from all rest of Def Leps 1990's albums, you still couldn't accumulate enough to surpass this one.

Songs Include:

1. Desert Song

2. Fractured Love

3. Action

4. Two Step's Behind (Acoustic Version)

5. She's Too Tough

6. Miss You In A Heartbeat

7. Only After Dark

8. Ride Into The Sun

9. From The Inside

10. Ring Of Fire

11. I Wanna Be Your Hero

12. Miss You In A Heartbeat (Electric Version)

13. Two Steps Behind (Electric Version)
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